Beer glasses from CPBG


Today we received our brand new beer glasses.
Earlier this spring we got the idea that we should have some custom made beer glasses for our brewery members. After a few hours searching the web we found Kevin at (CustomPrintedBeerGlasses). 

CPBG is run by Kevin Walker, a very enthusiastic and cool guy, who offers great service and he puts great diligence in his work. The glasses were safely packed, so the transport went without problems and all the items arrived in one piece.

We could of course have chosen a vendor in Norway, but many of them have minimum order quantities and are very expensive. At CPBG there are no minimum, and Kevin offers close feedback during the whole process.

We are very satisfied with the awesome beer glasses, and hopefully we will enjoy many of our future brews from them. In addition to the glasses we also received some cool and practical coasters

As Kevin would say;  «Fill-Drink-Repeat»


We also got our custom made carpenter pencils for RamSol Design, and you can read more about them here.

Thanks again Kevin.


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